Solution For Trading The Camping Mattress: Interesting Alternatives to the Air Mattress

Your camping mattress can generally accomplish or breach a fun camping cruise and about-face it from a acceptable time to an affliction area beddy-bye is at a premium. Despite this, not a lot of anticipation is generally put into the camping mattress until afterwards a bad acquaintance or two. Usually the aboriginal camping mattress humans opt for is an air mattress, these are the a lot of popular, and are a acceptable best as continued as you don’t buy the bargain kind. One of the capital issues with an air mattress, however, is air leakage. This is something that will appear eventually or later, but there are alternatives.The cream mattress is one of your best alternatives to the air mattress. It’s all-purpose, carriageable and durable. It may be little bulkier and heavier, but it’s a fair barter for the backbone gained. There are two kinds of cream mattresses, bankrupt corpuscle and accessible cell. The bankrupt corpuscle mattress is fabricated of a harder, usually, waterproof foam. The accessible corpuscle cream is softer, covered with a careful actual and requires some air to aerate through the accessible corpuscle structure. The acceptable account is these mattresses are cocky inflating.Here are some of the pros and cons of the cream camping mattress:Open corpuscle foam:Pros:

It’s actual lightweight, although added than an air mattress.

It’s actual carriageable and can be compacted to a baby size. Some models are commensurable to an air mattress.

It provides acceptable insulation from the ground.

The accessible celled cream mattress cocky inflates, extenuative you the time and accomplishment of accomplishing it yourself.


These mattresses still crave air, so they can still be punctured, although adjustment kits are available.

They can be expensive.

Some acceptable examples of accessible celled cream mattresses are the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite and the Therm-a-Rest affluence map.Closed corpuscle foam:Pros:

Multipurpose; bankrupt corpuscle cream can be acclimated as bench to blow on or in some cases, as a baptize float (I alone use a cream basin float).

Portable; these are usually added and bulkier than air mattresses or accessible celled mattresses but still decidedly ablaze and carriageable as these can be folded, formed or contrarily compacted for transportation.

It’s durable, that agency no air leaks and no catastrophe up on the arena in the average of the night. The bankrupt corpuscle cream mattress is a acceptable best for bouldered surfaces or areas area an air mattress or accessible celled mattress could get punctured.


Heavier and bulkier than air or bankrupt corpuscle mattresses

May not accommodate a lot of added (more added equals added bulk).Other alternatives cover laying down a few blankets or comforters, bamboo mats and adaptation beds (I’ll explain this). I’ll go over the pros and cons of each:Blankets/comforters:Pros:

It’s cheap, because you already own these, you don’t accept to buy annihilation new.

This is a actual adjustable adjustment as you can play with the array of the added beneath you or over you.

Durable as the blankets can accommodate to any apparent after getting punctured, although they can tear, but even with a breach they are still useable


Very abundant and bulky, absolutely not for hiking.

Not actual compact, will not fit in a backpack well.

May not accommodate a lot of added (as mentioned before, added added equals added bulk).

Bamboo mat: The bamboo mat is a failing carriageable another to an air mattress, about its appliance is bound to warmer climates.Pros:

It’s cheap.

It’s lightweight.

It’s compact.

It’s durable.

It’s multipurpose, you can use it to sit on, eat on, lay on, possibly more.


Although, it’s durable, it can breach with abundant force.

Provides actual little aegis from the arena in agreement of insulation.

May not be actual adequate if the arena is rough.

Survival beds: Adaptation beds are fabricated from abstracts you acquisition in your environment. The abstraction is to get you off the arena and accommodate you beanbag and insulation. For examples they could be as simple as axle up leaves or ache boughs. Another footfall up would be laying out logs and again axle bedding like those mentioned aloft on top of the logs. Or they could be added complex and crave some lashing, acid and assembly.


These types of beds are free.

You can accede these dainty as far as hiking is concerned, because they are fabricated on the atom and larboard abaft if you leave.

Nothing to carry, except maybe a knife.

No charge to anguish about durability, because you aren’t befitting it.

Can be actual adequate and balmy if done right.


Takes added time and activity than added types of bedding.

If done wrong, these may action no aegis from the ground.As you can see, there are several alternatives to the air mattress. Some are acceptable for hiking, some are not. Again, I’m not animadversion air mattresses, they accomplish abundant camping mattresses, and sometimes these are the ideal solution. Ablaze weight, bendable and insulated. And if you buy a superior mattress, you will not accept to anguish so abundant about leaks, which can be patched any way. The air mattress is a acceptable advantageous camping mattress, but it’s acceptable to accept alternatives.